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Ruth Rosenberg

Ruth- or Ruthie, as her close clients call her, is a consultant, mindfulness teacher, public speaker, and mediation coach. She uses wisdom from her lifelong study of philosophy, religion, and spirituality to make ancient concepts relevant today.


But she'll never tell you any of that, seeing herself as forever a student that simply shares what she learns with others.

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Private Consulting

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"I always had a passion for learning, and realized that when I taught it to others I was able to internalize it in a better way. That's why what I do is somewhat selfish, I will always prioritize being a student. There is nothing more unappealing to me than someone who claims they already know everything."

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Doreen Remen

“The insight Ruthie provides is transformative; knowledge that is theoretically fascinating yet straightforward and practically relevant to my every day.”

Doreen Remen

Founder at Culture Corp.

Debbie Wilpon

“Find someone who inspires you, learn from them. Ruthie has taught me to live by my values, this has completely changed the course of my life.”

Debbie Wilpon
Philanthropist & Activist

Isaac Foster

“We all need an advocate in our life who can connect with us at our core and help us become the full expression of our true selves. Ruthie is someone gifted in playing that role for many people”

Isaac Foster
CEO at Endourage

Donna Karan. Photographer Russell James.

“Ruthie has been a teacher, friend and spiritual mentor for close to 20 years.  Her wisdom connects me to my past, grounds me in the present, and guides me towards the future in ways I never could have imagined.”

Donna Karan

Founder, Designer & Philanthropist



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