Our level of resiliency will always be determined by how diligently we stick to our values.

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How Did You Start Teaching?

It all began in my first year of college. I was given the opportunity to substitute for one of my friends' philosophy classes. It was a turning point for me, because I always had a passion for learning, and realized that when I taught it to others I was able to internalize it in a better way.

How Would You Describe Yourself?

I am first and foremost a mother, grandmother, and wife. I value family, seeking truth, and depth. I love to cook and also have a quirky artsy side that keeps me creatively stimulated. My favorite artist is Yayoi Kusama.

Where Did You Grow Up?


I grew up in a small village called "Kfar Shmaryahu", by the ocean in Israel.

Rosenberg family

My babies who are are not such babies anymore.

Ruthie and Moshe Rosenberg

Me and my husband, Moshe, on one of our adventures.

What Do You Do?


I share what I learn with others through coaching, seminars, and consulting.

Yayoi Kusama

What Inspires You Most?


I’m inspired by a lot of things! It could even be something I see on the street. But I'm especially intrigued by people who are experts in what they do. Seeing their artistry and craft come to life is simply breathtaking. From a seamstress that sews a button to a poet with his words, I'm hooked!

A piece by Yayoi Kusama, 2017.

Ruthie's trip to Haiti
Rosenberg family

A rare occasion. Getting all the kids in one photo.

Of all my travels, Haiti will forever be especially memorable.

What Is Something Most People Don't know about you?


I've always wanted to be a race car driver. My husband finally fulfilled that dream for me on my 50th birthday. If you don't believe me, just look at this picture.

Ruthie racecar driving

Dreams coming true.

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Reading is my passion. Here are some favorites from my shelf.

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